Stay Motivated with fitbit at Christmas

Apart from in general having a watch on your wrist (let’s kick it old school!!) the fitbit had a lot to prove to me, so before I recommended it as a gift for someone in your life this Christmas, I had to trial it for myself because admittedly…I was a little sceptical. More so to the fact that I wasn’t really into checking my weight all the time and maintaining those goals…however, I was proven wrong quite quickly.








Sponsored by Fitbit | Pictured Fitbit Charge HR 

The fitbit Charge HR IS a great motivation tool, EVERYBODY loves a challenge, because when you are living every day life and it’s counting your steps, you almost want to challenge yourself every day to keep your steps up and “get rewards” for it. So, say I have had a pretty slack day at work, if I get home and my steps aren’t as good as the day before, I’ll go for a walk. Motivation PLUS!

If you find a few friends with fitbits you can have your own mini challenges which also keeps your motivation levels up, much like those mini google games they bring out occasionally – everybody loves a challenge and this is a little more fun and light hearted. So if you have some friends (co-workers or partners are probably the best because you see them every day) challenge each other to weekly challenges.

The fitbit Charge HR also recognizes when you exercises and records it in the fitbit app (Note: download the app for all the fun and games). Oh, and another really great pro is the inbuilt alarm, rather than waking from the QUACK QUACK QUACK that I have set right now, it vibrates and wakes you up nice and slowly – obviously, the quacking is still set but generally I wake up from the fitbit and the phone alarm goes off as I am in the shower!

Now, obviously it ALSO tracks your weight, hook it up to scales etc. as well as calories burnt and heart rate, things that are interesting to know but not necessarily why I use the fitbit HR.

I feel like the fitbit HR can be whatever you want, for me it’s a laid back approach to fitness, however if you want hard core results it also helps you to achieve them! It really is the perfect addition to any fitness level, and could make an amazing Christmas present (for him AND her).

Grab a fitbit Charge HR and watch your motivation sky rocket (especially for the new year!!) 

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