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FIT CLUB PERTH collaboration Lorna Jane | SC Artistry | Ryan Ammon Photography | Game of Braids

Fit Club Perth Website | Facebook | Instagram @fitclubperth 

What’s the hardest part about getting fit? MOTIVATION! It’s said that it’s something that is always lacking in majority of people when they decide to get fitter. And you know what? It happens to the best of us!! I am here to tell you exactly how that motivation can be kicked to the curb with just a little bit of help with Fit Club Perth!

We founded Fit Club Perth after being offered a few classes all together, we realised that we motivated each other (because we didn’t want to let each other down) so after going to a few Lagree and Xtend classes the rush of going with your friends, having fun working out and then having the opportunity to grab a coffee, juice or brunch after was also a massive encouragement for me to go also (because, food!)

We are so excited to be launching Fit Club Perth to you all, myself along with Mon from Little Miss Mon Bon, Emily from She Does and Jenelle from Inspiring Wit, have so many amazing and fun events, ideas and collaborations that you too can get involved with! The idea is to get fit with your friends, grab a bite to eat, take time out for you, and ultimately get a little fitter while doing so.

The club isn’t exclusive at all, we encourage you to head to the website HERE, and subscribe to our newsletter which will give you some exclusive offers and also keep you up to date with when we will be hosting events, as well as the instagram @fitclubperth and our FACEBOOK page here. Luckily for you, we won’t be instructing you, we are also in this to keep our fitness regime up – and also meet all of you at the same time! It doesn’t matter about your age, sex or fitness abilities, we want to host events that are for everybody because that’s what we are about!

Our launch worked along side some of the best in the biz, Ryan Ammon our photographer, Simone from SC Artistry for makeup, Jess from Game of Braids for our amazing braids as well as our threads all sponsored by Lorna Jane. Not to mention my partners in crime Mon, Jenelle and Emily.

So, what are you waiting for? JOIN THE CLUB and we will see you soon!

Fit Club Perth Website | Facebook | Instagram @fitclubperth 

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