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LIQUIDO ACTIVE Lean on me tank | Greatful Heart leggings – by Tiffany Cruikshank.

People bang on about Jacob’s ladder at Kings Park like it’s some kind of sacred set of stairs, guess what? They’re just stairs! And they’re always full of people too, I have seen how steep they are, I don’t want to plummet to the bottom and take 5 people with me at the same time.

So, I gave up on trying to run these stairs, especially because I live so far away from them, it seemed pointless driving to a set of stairs just because they’re special. I found some of my own at Point Peron which MAY be far out for you, but if you’re in the Rockingham area, they’re kind of amazing in their own way. The best thing about these stairs is they’re uneven so you have to take large strides and smaller steps – trust me, it gives you a better work out!

So with that in mind, I tested out Liquido Active this weekend, leggings are great but if you step out in cheap cotton they not only go see through (We’ve all been there) they also don’t really do you any favours in the sweat department. Gross! Not only are these flipping amazing and fashion forward – they’re also pretty damn comfortable as well as breathable and NOT see through! The top is just an extra with a full open back for free flowing air after 3 rounds with this evil (but beautiful) set of stairs.

The best thing about Point Peron death stairs (they literally kill me every time) is the view from the top – it’s worth all the extra pain you go through from running it. Liquido Active are all about Yoga and comfort – these pieces are perfect for the gym or a beach yoga session.

Liquido are so worth checking out, and I say that because LOOK AT THESE PANTS!!! JUST LOOK AT THEM! Check them out HERE and thank me later.

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