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I’ve been working with Pure Glow Cleanse for a little while now, I have watched the business grow into quite a fruitful (no pun intended) empire! Being one of the first in the cold pressed juice cleanses for Perth, the girls at PGC have built such an amazing following, and are always the first I go to when it comes to juices.

I have tried other juices in the past, and especially after watching That Sugar Film, I realised that PGC are right down on the idea of the less sugar (fructose – or natural sugars from fruits) the better, that’s why a lot of their juices are refreshing and not as sweet – great for someone like me who has swapped a lot of those sugary sweets for more natural dessert and am now finding it hard to eat really sugary things.

TIP: PGC have just brought out 2 new juices (Wonder Greens & Ruby)

Just so you know, you don’t have to go down the one day or three day juice cleanse to enjoy these juices anymore, with a list of stockists below, you can buy them for $9.90 each or a six pack for $65 which is what I have done this week…and just taken a couple of juices a day to work to sip on rather than do the full on cleanse.

TIP: The Chai Vanilla Dream is a great milky juice after a work out, the natural protein and nuts help the muscles to recover.

So, if you’re in the need of a pick me up, I suggest walking straight past the Cola or Red Bull and grabbing a juice instead – another #swapdontstop method to keep your health regime under wraps!

TIP: Pictured with my Amazeballs, this e-book will be released in a few weeks and offered as a freebie when you subscribe!

Until then, why not scoot past some local stockists and purchase a few juices for the week…


  • Angove St Collective
  • Live Pilates (Apple Cross)
  • Bikram Yoga (Vic Park)
  • Cookie Dough Biscuits (Claremont)

It’s a great way to keep your body balanced by adding in all the nutrients from vegies and fruit, and a refreshing alternative to keep your eyes bright and your brain alive! *Sponsored by Pure Glow Cleanse*

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