EVO – Saving ordinary humans from themselves



Products that do not test on animals, products that are paraben and sulphate free, packaging that is 100% recyclable, simplicity is key, Evo do not spend all of their money of advertising and marketing, instead they are throwing it all into the stuff INSIDE the little bottles that sit in salons across Australia. It’s pretty easy really, make a product work, and focus on that rather than making a bottle look flashy, with glitter and bright colours and promises of changing the world.

Evo won’t change the world, but it will change your hair, it doesn’t promise to FIX split ends, but it promises to temporarily seal the ends together and make your hair softer and more manageable. Personally, I have been using Evo for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed this “Softer, manageable” claim immediately.

I am currently using Evo shampoo and conditioner when I get my hair washed and blow dried at 501 Hair Lounge, it really does make a difference, especially to hair extensions and the considerable difference has really been noticeable. I am also using the “Haze” styling powder – the higher the hair the closer to heaven right? This powder puts the oompf in your hair like you wouldn’t believe, just a little sprinkle can make your hair Jersey-licious than ever!


I am so in love with the Love Perpetua Shine Drops, with hair extensions I find they look a little “Playboy bunny” but with the shine drops it separates the curl making them more natural. I am also an advocate for using the shine drops to blend in my real hair with the extensions by rubbing it through my whole head.


Lastly, the Easy Tiger (Straightening balm) and Liquid Rollers (curl balm) are what they say, they help a curl, and a straight look for your hair before using a heat product, they basically help to protect your hair when you are throwing all the straighteners and blow dryers at your head, basically they help to smooth out the hair and help with flyaways and frizz.


So…Evo will not save the world, change your life completely OR help you to lose 10 kilo’s but it WILL help your hair and make your morning routine just that bit easier. You can get all of your Evo products from 501 Hair Lounge who take pride in their products, they have everything you need! Don’t forget, all of October is 501 Hair Lounge month and you can get an exclusive discount by mentioning the blog (read more here) PLUS you will get a FREE Evo product too!!!!

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