Entering into “Mum Clothing” territory… //Sportsluxe with W Lane//




Wearing W Lane Jumper | Lorna Jane shorts | Kate & Abel satchel
Shot on location at MANY 6160 Fremantle roof top
Sponsored by Rockingham Shopping Centre

I whole heartedly put my hand up and admit that I avoid most “Mum” shops, also known as “Nanna clothing stores”, sometimes something catches my eye and I swing through not really looking through the racks, in a sea of 50+ women looking to update their wardrobe with the next seasons trends.

But who am I to judge what these clothing stores stock? Most of the time they are targeting the older ladies so they have to keep it real after all, then I thought – maybe there are some hidden gems in here that we’re all missing out on? So I decided to test the theory…and thankfully, I was right!

I am no stranger to Sportsluxe – in fact I am going to say it’s my favourite look for every season, so when I walked into W.Lane at Rockingham Shopping Centre and stumbled across this jumper, I threw a massive double take. I am here to bring Sportsluxe into your life so here are my top 5 tips to sporting it up…

  1. Choose sporty casual pieces (like this jumper) and mix and match with sport shorts and slouch pants.
  2. Add heels to your fitted tracksuits, it’s comfort and luxe rolled into one look – ummmm you can’t go wrong!
  3. Sneakers don’t always mean fitness, add them to some skinny jeans or like the above, white converse go with everything!!
  4. Accessorise with backpacks and slouch bags.
  5. Wear your favourite sports shirt (or jumper) with a pencil skirt and heels – it’s my favourite autumn look.

This W Lane jumper and the Lorna Jane shorts are both my top picks for a sportsluxe look from Rockingham Shopping Centre and the best part is you would HARDLY have went into W Lane thinking you would walk out with this amazing piece? Don’t walk on by the nanna-ish shops anymore, go in and explore this whole new world!

This look can be purchased at Rockingham Shopping Centre.

7 thoughts on “Entering into “Mum Clothing” territory… //Sportsluxe with W Lane//

  1. Mon

    Every store has at least ONE item you could fit into your wardrobe. I stand by this rule. I have op shopped 2 amazing pairs of pants that have Sussan labels on them!

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