Eat It: Protein Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls, even husband approved, a great way to pack EVERYTHING into your breakfast without having to suck it up through a straw. And the added toppings really do make it worth your while…everybody wants a bit of crunch with their smoothie!



smoothiebowl-2In collaboration with Isowhey and Blackmores, I decided to mix the 2 together and come up with a super easy smoothie bowl recipe. To be honest, I have never researched of made these before, I simply just guessed haha seems to work for me lately…

Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:

Toppings Ingredients:


Put all the smoothie bowl ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth, then add toppings.

Damn that was easy wasn’t it???

One thought on “Eat It: Protein Smoothie Bowl

  1. Jenelle

    I love making these bowls for breakfast! They taste so good and then my stomach is not horrible afterward as well!
    How great is the blueberry powder? I’ve been adding to my water and it is delish!


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