Why is asking for help SO hard? #DreamersCollective

Truth be told…I have been a little stagnant on the blog, and that is purely down to the fact that I don’t have a lot of content or new photos to share with you all…LOVETHREAD7

That’s not from lack of trying, just I have been pushing back on a lot to make way for other things in life. That being said…there has been a back and forth contract going on for about 2 months now to be signed with a Talent Agency. Long story short – I am now signed…so the content should start to flow through again!

Speaking of though…even though it didn’t look like I was busy, I was in fact the busiest I have been in a while.

As mentioned in the post before this (which was written a whole 11 days ago!!!!) I have had a lot on my plate. It got me thinking about the pressure I put on myself, and how HARD it is for me to ask for help when I truly need it. The blog for me has been a bucket load of emotions and I am sure you can see that over the last couple of months where the posts have taken more of a personal approach.

Expectation VS Reality is one of those things I touched on this weekend after a beautiful gathering with the team at Love Thread Project for their “Dreamers Collective” workshop. They made me realise that maybe my expectations are too high for myself and I need to scale back and be real — albeit hard to do given that as creative we want to DO all SEE all and be SUCCESSFUL in all. However if you have 300 plates full – you realise you CAN’T do it all…in fact…maybe it’s best to have 3 plates almost full instead.





LOVETHREAD6I find it really hard to ask for help, maybe that’s my upbringing, I remember my parents ALWAYS helping others, always putting an effort in, didn’t matter what it was they were the ones putting their hand up. Where as they often didn’t ask for help. I am this to a tee. I feel BAD asking someone to help me, in fact I feel like I am a nuisance, like they will feel obliged and that will ruin their weekend and then they’ll think I am an annoying person. And if I do receive help all I want to do is buy people gifts or shower them with praise then make sure they ask me for a favour in return.

I think realisation hit me more so on Saturday as I tried to move a stage by myself…I ended up on the floor of a car park crying, people walking past, not offering their help. Even THEN I felt too weak to ask for help.

Why is that?

Why do we feel this way?

Why do I struggle with this feeling?

It’s something that I am working on, and if you have those same feelings maybe this is your chance to do the same.

GOAL for the week: Ask for help in one way, maybe it’s a lift, maybe it’s as simple as asking someone to proof read a document or witness your signature! Make these baby steps with me and one day maybe we will be able to ask for a little more help when we really need it.

The inspiration I got for today was all through “The Dreamers Collective” – if you want to go to one of their workshops for some inspiration, be sure to keep an eye out on the Love Thread Project facebook page.


Photos by Ryan Ammon Photography

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