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Obsessing over losing weight is just as unhealthy as eating a Big Mac – trust me on this one. The amount of people that have asked me if I am going too far is pretty high…but I tell them to read my blog for a better understanding on what I actually do. You think #Lazygirlsguidetofitness means I sweat it out for 3hrs in the gym everyday and eat lettuce for dinner? Who the hell has 3 hrs a day to do that anyway!! And I add a LOT of stuff to that lettuce…

I’ll admit to obviously being a lot more fitter than when I started, and yes exercise and eating well makes me feel amazing, but is it worth getting OCD over? No! Of course not! Sometimes I just go out in my work out clothes, climb to the top of a sand dune, sit, and stare at the ocean. Did I do a massive session? No, but taking in surrounds and clearing your mind plays a massive part in healthy living. Can we all just stop for a moment, think about what our bodies need, and continue? It’s not hard to take baby steps. We all have our flaws, we all make mistakes, just take it one day at a time.

#FitFashionWeek is all about motivation in dressing like a freakin’ fitness rock star, I noticed it in Sydney last year, people just walk around in their work out clothes. Hell yes they do! I took it on myself, are they comfortable? Yes. Are they awesome? Shit yes they are! Can you throw in a quick work out session throughout the whole day coz you’re already dressed for it? Why yes, yes you can – it’s smart living!

I am showcasing a stack of amazing pieces this week, because fashion can be my motivation in active living. Stick around to find out more – every morning this week at 8am a new outfit to purchase! First up, of course, Lorna Jane above! If you like your belly, this crop is perfect, throw a sports bra on underneath and some shorts and you’re ready. This outfit is perfect for running, yoga, basketball and posing on top of mountains 🙂

*Pieces sponsored by Lorna Jane*

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