Don’t hate, appreciate!

I feel like I need pom poms with a title like that…but in all honesty, it’s actually how I feel about this topic!



I, for one, am all about equality, right down to my toes, I feel people should be treated equally and mostly my Mum taught me this in one simple sentence “Treat others, the way you would want to be treated”. So I do. I smile. I say hello. I am polite. I encourage. I support. I inspire. Regardless of your age, your race, your size, your sex even your job title!!!!

On many occasions I see jealousy creeping in to my life, and in my life also, either way – it’s there. It’s a natural knee jerk reaction to when you aren’t given something but you wanted it SO BAD! Guess what? Jealousy can either be the devil, or the angel but you have to make that decision. The BEST news is, you DO have a choice on whether you let it take a hold of you…or work harder for what you want.

What are you going to choose?

Let it rule your life? Make you sad and angry? OR make you hungry for success, to strive for great things and to open up your world to a positive lifestyle?

The way I see it is there are plenty of opportunities out there, some people fall into them because their mindset has switched and they are opening their lives to them. Others work really hard and finally achieve some great goals. Success is also free…in a general sense, everybody can have it? Why are we competing for it? It’s all around us! It might be in a different way you expected it to be – but it’s still there!

At the end of the day…why are we fighting against each other? Learn to appreciate people’s success’s, focus on your own rather than letting that little devil take hold of your feelings. I always say that things happen for a reason, and YESSSS I KNOWWWW it’s one of those annoying things people say when something shit happens but guys, I am SERIOUS…things DO happen for a reason. How many times has a GREAT opportunity fallen apart…only to one day an even better opportunity present itself days, months, years later, which works better for you?

You see…the things you fail on or can’t seem to get to work are just gateways for the bigger things.

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