Dear teenage me…

How many times do you wish you could go back in time and slap your teenage self across the face? 

Having nieces now going through their teenage years, I feel their struggle, in fact even though it was 15-20 years ago, I STILL feel like I live my life like a teenager, it sure as hell didn’t feel like almost 2 decades ago!! I often want to tell them things not to worry about…but they won’t listen, much like me when I was their age, as IF I would listen to my 34 year old aunty…she is OLD…what the hell would she know?

Most people say their teenage years were their best, they looked their best, they were at their lightest…the list goes on. For me, I was awkward, lanky and feel so much better about myself at 34 than I ever did from 13-18!

So with my knowledge and confidence…I wish I could go back and tell myself a few things…

  • That crush is just one crush, and it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t like you, pass on by!
  • Your first love is not always your first. If he dumps you, count is as a blessing for all the other boys you can kiss!
  • DON’T get hung up on ONE boy…just don’t. They are clearly not interested. Or totally playing you.
  • Ask people out…why are you so shy about it? 80% of the boys you liked, admitted to you after high school that they liked you!!!
  • What nasty people say to you in high school does not define who you are!
  • LAUGH at rumours and shitty words! Don’t retaliate.
  • Stop being mean to girls, they are in the same position as you.
  • You DO NOT need to be in the popular crowd.
  • You will blossom when you are older…
  • Spend as much time as possible with your friends, and make as many as you can. Don’t stick to cliques!
  • Be kind, don’t gossip, and don’t give in to peer pressure.
  • Sugar and fat will catch up to you hunny…chocolate bars for breakfast are not ideal!
  • Cleanse and Moisturise EVERY DAMN DAY!
  • Take off that bloody make up when you get home, it will clog your damn pores!
  • Embrace the freckles! You WILL miss them when you’re older.
  • Stop trying to make your hair straight, the curls just get curlier and frizzier the more you do to it.
  • Black hair dye is not your colour, stay away from ALL DARK HAIR DYES!
  • You don’t need to buy the latest tencel jeans and crop tops to look cool. Be your own style, don’t fall into trends “just coz everyone else is doing it”.
  • 90s music and movies are literally the best of all time, watch and listen to them til all hours of the morning with friends!
  • Wear tampons immediately, pad leakages suck in the middle of class in front of your crush (the one you mentioned above!!!)
  • Do not give in to being force kissed by a guy who tastes like passionfruit UDL who you don’t even like!! It will put you off kissing all the boys for at least a year!
  • Never drink Jim Beam, NEVER EVER!
  • Watch out for that tow-ball at your Leavers Party, the smack on the back of the head could have killed you…instead it made you semi ditzy!
  • Stop trying marijuana, it doesn’t work for you.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for NEVER trying any other drug though.
  • Cigarettes give you headaches because you are not meant to smoke them, stop smoking them for cool status.
  • Stop dating people you feel sorry for.
  • EAT and eat well. Boys do not think you are a pig if you eat, stop trying to eat cute food that doesn’t make a mess.
  • Stand up for yourself more, don’t let people walk all over you all the time!
  • DON’T let boys come between friendships.
  • Don’t feel pressure to know what you want to be when you grow up, it’s OK to not know yet.
  • Do your TEE, you are not dumb, you are just distracted!
  • Remember though that high school grades aren’t everything, and taking the bottom classes are not really the best option in some cases.
  • Stand up to that teacher who called you dumb, and don’t let that one comment ruin your abilities to be smart.

What would you tell YOUR teenage self?

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