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Being so cruelty free conscious lately, and trying to go chemical free for at least my skin (as a start) has been somewhat hard, I’ll admit that I am still fumbling in the unknown as when I started looking in to lipsticks for this particular blog post, I was still finding that insect blood is used for pigmentation in really rich red lipsticks.

I mean….I relocate insects, I don’t kill them, even ants, spiders and flies! So, even though I was not acting upon it personally, I was still buying into it. Who knows how many companies are still testing on animals or packing their lipsticks full of chemicals that YOU put on your lips? It’s such a frustrating feat! So this caused me to go looking for a handful of lipsticks to show you all, I want Where the styled things are to be a place where you CAN find some alternatives if you would like to. Four really beautiful moisturising lipsticks for winter, in deep, gorgeous tones…



ADORN toffee lipstick is a colour I am a virgin to, I am a sucker for red, pink and nude colours so to try something completely different was fun! I have to say, I like the brown tones now, and as much as I always recognised brown lipstick with older ladies, I have to say that winter colours are incorporating the beige and brown tones everywhere! If you wear a brown lipstick, it’s absolutely positively not just for the older ladies – I know that now! Such a moisturising colour with such a great pigmented colour, this toffee lipstick will be used for those cold wintery nights out with the girls guaranteed! Grab your very own Adorn Toffee lipstick here.


MUSQ has some really pretty colours on offer, but this Alexandrite pink was cute but not too bright for winter, I love pink hues because I have natural pink tones through my very white skin, it just adds to those tones and accentuates my lips (Good…they’re small and need natural plumping). I only applied this colour a couple of times to my lips, with more application the brighter the hue, it’s not going to be your crazy Cyndi Lauper pink, it’s a nice subtle pink which can be worn from day to night – to work and out on the town! Purchase this beautifully creamy lipstick here, and be prepared to go through it really quickly because it is that nice!


SCOUT‘s Excite Lipstick reminds me of scoffing mulberries from my Mum’s backyard, mulberry stained lips who would have thought that would become a thing? Such a beautiful rich colour though, I applied 3 times to get the darker colour but the best thing about organic lipsticks is going from a light to dark lip just by adding more. A really moisturising lipstick that didn’t bleed, In fact, I wore this to work today!! You can have your own piece of mulberry stained lips with the Scout Excite lipstick here.


COULEUR CARAMEL (from LOVE Organic Beauty) has been in my house for a short while now, and the lipstick is really quite pigmented! This grape shimmer colour is really thick, so basically it’s not going to go anywhere unless you smash a bunch of hot chips with gravy and it drips down your face (I did not do this). This lipstick I didn’t even need to put a few layers on like I normally do, the colour was quite prominent from the first application. If you want to experience this lipstick you can get a special 10% discount by using the code ADELLEC here (or for any makeup).


5 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Lipsticks

  1. Mystery Case

    I’ve been desperately looking for a new lipstick. My favourite from MAC (I know not cruelty free) has been discontinued. Love these colours on you but I’m after more of a gold colour. Have been mixing two together to get the right tone but it’s not ideal.

    Which lipstick would you suggest if I’m after something long lasting? The COULEUR?

    1. Where the styled things are

      They’re all very long lasting – I think that’s the benefit, being so moisturizing they stain your lips! Couleur is VERY long lasting! I’d apply with a brush for that one, as a little too much comes off while applying from the lipstick.


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