Couple blogging – that’s us!

You have watched me on this journey for 8 years now….2010 I started Where the styled things are and it has blossomed into SO much more.

I feel like this has been my diary since day one, where i shared (maybe a little too much), but it saw me go from photography, to fashion, events, food, then a large chunk of time was spent on fitness and health….only to go a full circle and go back to fashion again!

Now, i feel it is only fair to say that as i have grown, so has Where the styled things are…in which case, I am taking the plunge into the world of “COUPLE BLOGGING”.

Couple bloggers are few and far between, but i felt it so necessary to have Angelo across WTSTA a little more than he already is, it’s naturally progressed this way, i guess like our relationship 🙂

We have been through so much already as a couple, and NOTHING has pulled us apart, in fact, i think if anything it has made us closer – and it continues to do so! So together we want to go on so many adventures and be able to have a place to document them!

That means there will be more male orientated posts as well as female, we want to talk about relationships, travel, events, food, fashion, style and of course keep it VERY real with our real life depression, mental state of mind and basically issues that are “TABOO”.

I wanted to write this post to introduce you all to Angelo…because I guess you guys are so used to ME at this point!

Ange is one of the funniest people I know, he is so genuine that it’s almost hard to believe sometimes. Nothing that he says or does is with malice and his kind heart and beautiful soul really are what makes him the most amazing man!

I laugh every single day in his presence, and although he’s been through so much, he is still such a positive light in my life, and many others. He’s very mature, but also really young at heart as well, and I guess his cusp star sign means he can be totally different in so many situations – like a chameleon. In fact…like me too? Maybe that’s why we get along so well!

He’s really into style and fashion, he absolutely adores food (like me too!) thanks to his italian background, his dutch background also makes him completely OCD in cleaning.

I hope that you stick around to watch our adventures…we’re not sure how this will pan out yet, but feel the fear and do it anyway, right?


6 thoughts on “Couple blogging – that’s us!

  1. Lisa Fischer’

    That is wonderful news. I love you two. Looking forward to your blogs and info and photos….. go get em team lovers.💕🌹🥂


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