The Club of Odd Volumes

Jeans and t-shirts, they were a staple in my life from early teenage to early 20’s, living in the country I guess it was just as easy to go throw on your old favourites to go buy a pie and choc milk from the bakery on a Sunday afternoon?




clubofoddvolumes5T-shirts are something that is in every bodies closet but more so lately as a simple rolling of a sleeve and all of a sudden your t-shirt is edgy along with straight out of the shower curls and no makeup. The Club Of Odd Volumes deal with all kinds of cool, artists are given a platform to illustrate, their work is then given a new lease of life on t-shirts, pillows, jumpers and tea towels ready for sale to the public.

The beauty of The Club of Odd Volumes is not just that your t-shirt is going to be unique to any other tee around, but also you are helping smaller artists get their work out. I went with an original TCOOD mexican themed tee and Ice, Ice Baby tee by Meat Sauce, both of which fit perfectly amongst my sea of black jeans and white tennis shoes.

You can check out The Club of Odd Volumes HERE, support your local artists and make sure you keep an eye on their new run of artists coming up soon!

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