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City dwellers…it’s time to take opportunity by the horns! Do you know how much convenience is in the City of Perth for your fitness regime?

I, for one, work such long hours (especially with my commute) that I am all for taking as much time before work, in my lunch break and also after work to ‘work on my fitness’. It’s also great to avoid the traffic on the drive home by staying just that little bit longer til the long lines of commuters disperse.

So here I am…your trusty fitness adviser, to give you all the tips you need for making the most of your health during your 5 day working week! I have even given you your own schedule to follow for the week PLUS your “go to” on my favourite activewear pieces right now…

SURGE FITNESS KINGS SQUARE | 10 Telethon Avenue Perth
//MONDAY 6am, THURSDAY 6am// Cardio session + a few weights

Joining a gym can be daunting BUT my top tip is to suss them out first, find out what their gym is about, research! I can tell you for one, Surge Fitness has a stack of group fitness classes, a fully equipped brand new gym, a spin class room AND…almost 360 views of our beautiful city. It is one of the prettiest gyms I have been in!
TIP: Their bathroom facilities are OUT of this world, so head there before work so you can pretty yourself up after your sweat session for work!


PERTH XTEND BARRE | Level 1/75 King St, Perth
//TUESDAY 12pm// Xpress Xtend
Just down the road you can pop in to Perth Xtend Barre, it brings out my inner ballerina from when I was a little girl. You are greeted by the cutest little upstairs studio on King St, equipped with 2 class rooms, a change room and a really beautiful waiting room. You will be instructed by hands on teachers who know their stuff, so expect to focus on becoming more flexible (you have to start somewhere!), strength and core! All GREAT ways to keep your body and mind in a great condition.
TIP: Purchase a pair of Xtend Barre socks your first time and keep them handy! (No socks no play!)

BOX AND BIKE | 20 Queen St, Perth
//WEDNESDAY after work// Check their timetable
One street up at Queen Street, is Box + Bike, probably one of my favourite boxing spots in the city! You are broken up between strength boxing to heavy metal classics like AC/DC + Metallica, then jumping on your bike and spinning for that cardio hit!  You will improve your fitness, boxing technique, body composition and general health, as well as enhance your confidence all in the one work out! Because, c’mon, who DOESN’T feel like a champion when you have boxing gloves on?
TIP: Invest in your own gloves and wraps!

//Lunch break Monday, Wednesday and Thursday//
As a busy woman, I sometimes do forget to take time out, in between fitness classes, 2 business’s and my full time job, it happens! Lunch breaks are my PERFECT time to recharge my batteries. A 15 minute power meditation session in many of the parks across Perth is my go to for zoning out. This particular spot is just out the front of Surge Fitness, it’s quiet, it’s comfortable and it’s a great sunny spot. You can also check out a whole range of parks HERE to find a little spot to get zen.
TIP: Sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes. Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. You can also download Meditation apps to help you to focus (It’s also a great way to block out noises)

YOGA ALCHEMY | 1/242 William St, Northbridge
//FRIDAY morning// Check their timetable
Yoga is absolutely the best way to unwind, the more you do it, the better you feel and the more strength and flexibility you will have. Yoga Alchemy is a short walk down Northbridge, to an upstairs space with wooden floors, large open windows and a beautiful calm presence.
TIP: BYO Mat, and bring a friend along for the short walk. Also check out their events page! 

Activewear Outfit Tip:
Now you are sorted with your schedule for the week, it’s time to go shopping!

LORNA JANE – My FAVOURITE place for long length leggings and fun patterns is Lorna Jane, they are the quint essential female activewear shop in the city! I am loving the leopard and stripes right now for something a little different, plus their outerwear for winter is warm, comfy and completely necessary to and from those chilly winter walks to the gym!

Leopard Tights | Sports Bra | Long Sleeve Top | Bomber Jacket

LULULEMON – I tend to go for Lululemon when I am looking for a lower intensity workout BUT…behold, they have some really great compression lycra in the midst. And for me, Lululemon is my place to go if I want a strappy back and some really “in” colours for the season. Army green, Khaki, dusty pink, greys and classic black and whites are where it’s at right now!

Tights | Free to be Serene Crop | Anew Singlet | Swiftly Tech Top

So, if you work in the city, you really have no excuse to chuck on some lycra, do a quick class (maybe invite a work colleague!) and take advantage of these amazing venues to get fit and healthy in. Remember guys, summer bodies are MADE in winter, now is your time to really keep up the pace and use your time wisely!

*Written in collaboration with City of Perth | All comments and opinions are my own.

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