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I know how much you guys LOVE Op Shop finds, it’s kind of what made the blog a little more substantial in the first instance (Cue Restyle 2013) and I am not one for throwing away what got me to where I am today so I wanted to show you all a really great find. In fact you may find that August might bring you even more Op Shopping goodness…stay tuned for that!

I really enjoyed the day that we shot this series, we took to the open road in the Volvo for the #VolvoBloggerDrive and stopped in a place that I have been wanting to go to for years, right in Sawyers Valley is a beautiful park and with the light streaming through from the early morning sun, and the added fog it was too good not to stop and shoot.

I picked up this jumper from the Subiaco Good Sammies, and threw it in my bedroom without actually trying it on or looking at it all that much, I just knew I needed knits and this one was black and had a big neck line. Little did I know it was going to sit this way – and funnily enough I wanted a jumper like this all year! Basically…mega score!

It’s one of those times where I really should have tried on before I bought it because I would have thrown it back on the rack if I wasn’t thinking too straight. Tip: Do just that, try before you buy! It will always look better on you than off you! (Or if it doesn’t then you won’t buy a dud!)

A massive knitted jumper works both ways, thrown on like this effortlessly with jeans and flats OR if you add a black pencil skirt and some heels it’s perfect for the office (Yep, I have been smashing this one at work a lot), black pants and boots are also a perfect addition. Chunky knits are kind of a big deal this winter, and even though you can find some great knits in stores – have you tried the op shops for some pieces that could work (for a lot cheaper?) The hot tip is to check out Subiaco Good Sammies! PLENTY of knit wear at the moment!

Keep your eyes opened during August for more Op Shop finds AND…tomorrow i’ll be announcing the next giveaway which includes $900 worth of product!

2 thoughts on “Op Shopped; Chunky Knits

  1. Em

    What a score! I have 50/50 luck at the op shops. Most times I’ll come out with a bag full of goodies, but other times it’s a fail! I wish I’d nabbed this one xx


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