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I started this post about a week ago in an angry state, it was really quite negative, out casting certain brands about animal testing, but after careful consideration I have taken a positive approach instead…I was shocked to learn that a lot of products in my home were on the “Animal Testing” list, I also learnt that some companies are able to turn a blind eye and claim they are a cruelty-free brand because their animal testing is carried out in other countries, some of which it is a requirement to test on animals before they are allowed to be sold in foreign countries such as China. Information taken from Some companies also use parent companies which test on animals, which leads some concern also. I will not name and shame on the blog, but please feel free to find the list and learn for yourself. If you want to trial out some cruelty free products…read below!

I have been talking to Marina who owns and runs the product “Marina’s Ambrosia” lately, and she has been helping me with a lot of good information. She gave me a run down on the process to make some of her products and it is a very long one at that, but she explains that to keep the nutrition in, she has to manufacture creams over a very low heat, albeit time consuming but it keeps the goodness in which is great for your skin in the long run! She does not test on animals, and does not see a reason as to why, as stated in a conversation she only uses products you could physically eat to put on your skin – no chemicals and nothing unnatural.

I also caught up with Donna from Medousa Hair, Beauty & Body in Guildford yesterday who gave me a black magic spray tan, the salon is stocking cruelty free products which she researches to make sure that she can provide her clients with the option to purchase a cruelty free product. As a strong believer in cruelty free she continues to support companies who do not test on animals and i’ll be road testing some shampoo & conditioner over Christmas and letting you all know about it too – I used it today…I must say….my hair is pretty damn bouncy and awesome right now 😛

In the future look for this symbol…

And rather than compile a list here, which I am sure you won’t take with you when you are out shopping, why don’t you download the app “Choose Cruelty Free”  so that you can have this list on the go, you can download the app right here which will keep you on the ball when at the supermarket or cosmetic counter!

You can also download and print a list from here

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