Bye Felicia!!

I shaved my legs this week because, that’s one of the things in my life that I can control, when I shave my legs, that’s purely up to me. Maybe it’s been 6 weeks since I did that last, maybe it was just a few days ago, whenever it was, I made that choice and I had control over that…let’s call it “situation” lol

One thing I cannot control is how others see me, or treat me or even what they SAY to me out of hate or malice. And unfortunately, no matter how much you to try to explain your situation or even just give the facts, that person or those people, will not hear you because they are so hell bent on their own conclusions that really, the truth means nothing to them when they already conjured up their own truth in their own minds about you.

When people spew vile words at you I try to think of it like, that’s a reflection on them and their lives, maybe they are ridiculously unhappy and filled with so much hate that they simply cannot control what they are saying to you. I get that. It’s toxic, and who wants to live like that by just being nasty to people on subjects they have no idea about?? Surely that is exhausting and not really good for your health! Being angry really does bring out the worst in all of us. And I guess emotion REALLY comes in to play, especially if they were in your life for a long time, and I find the best way to CONTROL that situation in your own way is to not react.

I have realised a lot in the last year, I realised that in the past, perhaps I was hanging out with people who simply do not matter. I have been reflecting this week after being verbally abused, yet again, I sighed a sense of relief that I didn’t have to put up with that anymore because they decided not to be part of my life anymore. AWESOME! It actually made me happy because here I was…taking control of my OWN life and not letting them effect me.

Sometimes you have to be involved in people’s negative lives to learn from them. I know that a LOT of you have been involved in people’s lives where they were a negative space so here are 3 things that I learnt…

  1. How to treat people – simple right? You treat people the same way you want to be treated, this is the stuff my Mum taught me at the age of 2-3 but I guess some people forget that? It’s a good reminder, when you are treated like a piece of crap…it actually makes you WANT to treat people better!
  2. Deflect the negativity with positivity. Being called a bitch? AWESOME, I love female dogs, they are loyal and cute! See…every negative can have a positive!
  3. Patience + Reaction. Oh it’s a tough one, my initial reaction when I am being verbally abused is to REACT and name call too. But instead…step back…be patient…and don’t react. You are not WEAK for not responding, you are the better person for it! Plus…I can only imagine that the person on the other end is seething inside when you don’t even reply or respond. Take that control back!

The next time you are faced with drama that you simply did not ask for, remember everything I spoke about today, because at the end of the day…YOU do not deserve that. Just feel sadness for them, and wave them goodbye for the rest of your life 😊 #ByeFelicia

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