Bonds tracky dacks are the new black!

I googled Tracky Dacks as I wrote this post, and many many people disagreed with my statement of them being the new black. In fact, it would seem that majority (supposedly) rules when it comes to the old trackies… “comfortable and unnattractive to members of the opposite sex”.







Bonds Floral Sweat Pant ($25 Sale) | Bonds Sports Crop (Released April!)
Photos by Jenelle from Inspiring Wit

A positive and a negative in the one statement? How very passive aggressive of you Google!

In light of Google’s ridiculous allegation, I am here to correct the internet of it’s wrong doings because I for one, think that trackies, much like lycra, are perfectly acceptable  “out of the house” attire. And perhaps with age, my tolerance for uncomfortable clothing has a lot to do with my comment, so I feel that Bonds may be able to back me up on this mini rant.

Tracky dacks really have come a long way though from the grey marle, stained, unstyleable, baggy all over tracks to now tapered ankle, a range of patterns and colours, and of course the distinguishing Bonds waist band.

I can get away with these type of outfits on a weekend basis for sure, especially with winter coming up because.. #Sportsluxe. But I am yet to venture out into the corporate world with my floral trackies and a pair of black heels but when that day comes…I will be telling you all how it went. That liberating feeling of “Breakin’ da rules” with HR is something that I sometimes have mini fist-bumps to.

Basically, this post is a public service announcement to just let you all in on my Bonds secret, because Bonds are totally kicking style goals lately, their sports range is something I am forever drooling over…

So, do you trackie dack it up in a more fashionable way? Or prefer to just wear the same tracks every time you come home from work, and 4 months later you wonder what that weird smell is (because you literally haven’t washed them) and if that stain was chocolate or lasagne? I say ditch them. Get yourself some cool Bonds pairs instead and wear them with pride sista!!!

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