Body Shaming; “I make good choices most of the time”

It’s swimsuit season…I can hear the groans! Just stop right there. I know you may be thinking “What the hell do you know, you’re a small size, you have no worries” but after being stuck in the middle of a body shaming blog post on mamamia (my image was used in a negative light, I have asked them to take it down but my e-mails are now being ignored, thanks mamamia!) I had to highlight that regardless of your size – shaming someone because of their body is never OK. Size 6…16…even 26!







lululemon-3Even though I am showing you some images of me wearing my latest rash vest swimsuit from Lululemon, there is a reason behind it, it’s a matter of fact moment for me, and for you!

As a matter of fact…I have cellulite.

As a matter of fact…I don’t photoshop any of my images, wrinkles, freckles, imperfections (scratches from the beach rocks on my butt) and all are there for the world to see.

As a matter of fact…I don’t like certain parts on my body, my legs, my face, my curly short hair, my butt.

As a matter of fact…I used to be 4 sizes larger.

As a matter of fact…I eat well.

As a matter of fact…I work out because I love the adrenalin rush and the way it tones my body.

As a matter of fact…I make good choices most of the time.

You see, body shaming is detrimental to anybody, not just people who are a larger size, smaller sizes cop it just as much, because if you hear it enough by people around you (even the internet trolls) you really start to wonder if you are doing the right thing “by yourself”. People are so quick to judge someone because of their size, why is that anyone’s issue but your own though?

I have always been told that I need to eat a burger and put on some weight. Many people have mentioned in conversations with me that “they are worried that I am too skinny” and yes, I get it, people are concerned when you are a size 6 because that has NEVER been classified as “normal”. It effected me, because I decided I would need some muscles to make me look less “skinny”, I listened to other people instead of myself?

But, just wait a moment there, what is “normal” anyway? Take a look at the last “As a matter of fact” – I MAKE GOOD CHOICES MOST OF THE TIME, if you can genuinely say that this is what you do, then you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle, and correct me if I am wrong, but if you are doing that majority of the time, then your body should be YOUR NORMAL SIZE!

You see there is a big difference between not doing enough and doing too much, I like to think that I sit somewhere in the middle because some days I’ll sit down at 8:30pm (like last night) and have 2 pieces of toblerone while I watch TV. Other nights i’ll be at a Konga session and eating a salmon salad for dinner! Sometimes I also like to do a 15 minute stretching session or some yoga in my lounge room and have a protein ball after.

I guess what I want to say mostly in this post is, if you are happy in yourself, and you do the right things by your body, mental health, emotional stability, then that is all that matters in keeping with a healthy lifestyle.

THE CHALLENGE: Wear a swimsuit this summer, take off those damn boardshorts (or if you are a man, take off your rash vest hiding your belly), whack on a one or 2 piece and step out of your comfort zone, be happy in knowing that you make the right choices for yourself because if you do and weight loss follows in your lifestyle, then that’s great, if that makes you feel better – awesome!

In the mean time though…it’s an age old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all” in THIS case, it’s so true. We all have our flaws, but celebrate them, give a person a compliment instead of telling them they are far too skinny or need to lose some weight – positivity onto others is amazing, uplifting, and beautiful.

The next time you have a negative thought about someone, turn it around and tell them something great about them instead (it makes you feel great too!), about what they are wearing, about their pretty eyes, about how nice their smile is! Why not right? A complete stranger might need an uplifting comment instead of judging them from afar.

I’d love to hear about your challenges, or even if you gave someone a compliment today – tell me in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Body Shaming; “I make good choices most of the time”

  1. Gail pick

    Well said my darling I have parented you well, so proud of you words of wisdom. I told Roxy she is a beautiful girl today, even though we had a little fight of power to get the bandage of her foot. Also told you dad how much I love him. Oh and my sister held a comforting conversation with me , with I love you quote on both sides as we said goodbye. Still struggling with my body tho, put on a bit of pud on holidays. Exercising in the garden to work it off xx mum xx

    1. Where the styled things are

      Yeah Mum, I think you and Dad taught us all the right things to do in life, but it’s OK to think negatively as long as at the end of the day you are living positively “majority of the time”.
      Oh Rox…she is SO STUBBORN in her old age hahaha. I am glad you had a positive experience yesterday too. And don’t struggle with your body, just do the right things by you xx


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