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Photographer first, Graphic Designer second, Blogger third, this was how my ‘careers’ were numbered not so many years ago, but with time, they have slowly realigned. Photography has been a BIG part of my life, since I was 8, in fact I feel like it has set me up to take my place in the blogging world. I was a professional photographer for well over 10 years, shooting weddings, portraits and eventually fashion.

With those self taught years comes a lot of knowledge and experience, I have picked up tricks and techniques along the way that has really taken my photography to another level, to a place that I personally know works and it has given me that extra edge and commitment to fashion.

Who would have thought that photography would be an integral part of your blog? Gone are the days that people logged on to read a 1000+ word blog post, now it’s about keeping people entertained through words and images – to tell a story.

This is why I wrote it all down in my first E-book: “Get the most out of your blog with… BLOGOGRAPHY”. I wanted to help other bloggers (or people just wanting to learn how to get out of AUTO MODE with your camera). Blogography discusses the basics of DSLR photography, not only that but gives you tips on using your i-phone and a standard point n shoot (so you don’t have to purchase the most expensive gear out there!). I show you how your PANTRY and office stationery is the best place to make your shots stand out, and also Instagram photography tips, especially using your i-phone to your advantage. (Most of my IG pics ARE i-phone pics after all).

Blogography is great for the blogger, the business wanting to stand out in social media or someone who just wants to learn a little on photography – I go through everything that I know in basics AND the best part…in layman’s terms!

Find out my secrets here, download Blogography the E-book and if it helps you, I’d love to hear about it! Good Luck x

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7 thoughts on “Blogography – The Blogger’s guide to Photography

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  3. Kate from Seduced by Beauty

    I was one of the lucky winners – thank you so much!! I have downloaded the ebook and am currently devouring it. It is beautifully written and the tips are easy to follow – even for this 45 year old who is technically challenged! xx


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