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The last 2 years have been about changes for me, in myself and definitely in my wardrobe! After speaking to Des Eddy, a stylist I met a few years ago, he made me realise just how much I have changed and kept mentioning that it was an evolution (haha). From tutu skirts and t-shirts with converse to now a more streamline look, so when I was invited by Claremont Quarter to be styled head to toe by Des, of course I was excited to take the opportunity on what he saw for me as potential in going forward. After a little champagne high we took to St Quentin Ave (Which is actually part of Claremont Quarter) to check out the boutiques.



Really taking my personality into account, and knowing I am all about wearing things a little differently, he took me to Sous Bodywear to try out the LBD 3 ways (which is actually a slip/dress/nighty) of course, I am all about using things in multiple ways. Along with these 2 outfits also came some of the cutest pyjama pants and when paired with heels – it’s a total 70’s revolution on Palazzo pants! Sous Bodywear stock brands such as Natalie Begg, Ginia Australia and Clementine Sleepwear.



I feel like Des has been stalking me for a few years (knowing exactly my style) as he had me try on some of the most beautiful italian sneakers by Valentini, they go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe for a bit of a sports luxe vibe, and quite rightly as I kind of live in sneakers these days. This little boutique really blew me away with so many amazing finds – these shoes will be on my lust list for quite some time I think.




And then….THEN….taking me completely out of my comfort zone with a pair of 50’s inspired, would I call these pants or are they basically knickers? If you can come up with a sensible mash up on knickers/pants I encourage you to tell me! It’s only been the last 3 months that I let my legs out of the copious amounts of jeans and pants that cover my thighs, so to go straight into these was absolutely an eye opener! But, such an amazing outfit fit for my SWIM event this weekend – Brownies stock Skye & Staghorn, Talani and Lot 11.


Sambag stock majority of their own label, really simple and clean pieces made with 100% italian silk (need I say more?). And then I met my match at Adam Heath stocking Kenzo, Philip Lim, Dion Lee, Helmet Lang etc. a real miss match of pieces with a colourful edge.


The boutiques along St Quentin Ave at Claremont Quarter are really where it’s at, with other stores such as the new Manning Cartell and Tony Bianco you really can’t go wrong when you are in the mood for spending a little cash, or finding the perfect Christmas gift. And don’t forget, Des is available for styling sessions too, you won’t regret it, he’s the perfect shopping buddy, giving a stylist all control over what you put on your body is certainly something I will do more often! Find out more about Personal Styling and Shopping here.

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