Bicycle Attire; making fitness fun


When people say “It’s easy, it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget” they did not consider me in their little analogy…lekkerbike6





lekkerbike3 yeah I fell off a bike a few years ago because I genuinely had forgotten…how to ride a bike! That’s not to say that I am loving the idea of bike riding lately, I just need to get my bike (which happens to be a child’s bike) ready to go!

I have to admit if I am riding a bike it’s not for anything else other than to feel the wind in my hair and to get out and about, that’s the thing about fitness, you can have fun doing it. In which case, I wasn’t about to deck myself out in fitness gear because I practically live in it, instead I took advantage of the sun a couple of weekends ago when we took these cute Lekker Bikes out and decided on a more casual outfit.

I really need these “fun fitness” idea’s as much as possible, Fit Club Perth is a great reminder that you need to try a stack of things and find what you love. I have really struggled in this area lately, going to the gym has become a chore and finding time to go to a class is just so hard at this time of the year. Finding time to just get out into the sunshine is something I am holding on to and especially on a bike…which gets you from A-B quicker than walking, and if you are going fast, you can feel that rush!

I want to start looking at more bike riding over the next few months of spring, it’s the perfect time to explore your city! Do you own a bike? Maybe it’s time to dust it off and don your golden shoes for a little ride!

KMart Shorts | Betts Tijuana Gold Shoes | Cotton On Crew Tee | Cotton On Cardigan (similar here)
Photos by She Does

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