Summer Beauty Routine (Cruelty Free)

beauty-routineIt’s not very often that I speak about my beauty routine, or products I am loving, and maybe that’s because I am a little bit simple when it comes to my face…(hah!)Since the sun is about to be in full force, this routine is all about getting your skin glowing and moisturised. It’s also one I swear by because in the last year, my skin hasn’t even been a problem! I went from awkward combination skin, one day it was too dry, the next I had a stack of zits, to now, a pretty evened out skin tone and fresh plump skin 🙂

I wouldn’t lie to you guys, these are all REALLY great products that I can’t live without, I just wanted to give you a heads up on some cruelty free ranges out there that I use almost every single day…

Fresh One Coffee Scrub
I love a coffee scrub, they’re great to help with cellulite, they brighten the skin AND they leave your body feeling supple and moisturised. They also add in essential oils so this particular one is choc mint. Delicious!

Eco Tan
I have NEVER found a natural tanning product that 1) works evenly and 2) is natural and cruelty free. This is the HEIGHT of tanning, it works immediately, it’s much better for you than other tanning treatments, there’s no streaking, it’s all very even and quick to apply!

The Beauty Bus Mascara
(The Beauty Bus works from home, 100% home made) This mascara is great for every day, and given that it is a completely natural product it won’t dry out your lashes or sting awfully when you poke yourself in the eye. Well the poke will hurt I can’t guarantee that completely! (Beauty bus products list can be found here) E-mail [email protected] to order.

The Beauty Bus Vitamin C Serum
I can’t even tell you how much this serum has changed my life, it’s evened out my skin and has possibly been the one thing that I rely on to eliminate pimples, even out skin tone, make skin smooth, make skin plump, full of moisture and really, really nice to glide makeup on to. (Beauty bus products list can be found here) E-mail [email protected] to order.

Saya peppermint Face Scrub
You know those days where you know you wore too much makeup and you just need to scrub your face clean? This is your scrub to do it! It’s gentle on the skin and has a nice cooling peppermint effect on your face. You will be glowing in no time! (Do not use when you are using eco tan though – it will scrub it right off your face)

Younique Foundation
This stuff is crazy good, usually when I put a liquid foundation on I can feel it, it’s cold to my skin and it feels cakey. But not Younique, not even kidding….you don’t even feel like you are WEARING makeup with this stuff! It’s THAT good.

Now that you have your skin sorted…head back next week for MORE delicious no bake foods to keep you healthy over Summer!

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