“Individually we are warriors. Together we can be an army, we’re all fighting our own battles but seeing other warriors fight alongside us gives us strength.”






An amazing initiative brought into our social media realm by Casey Bryden from Sunbella – teaching us all that rather than tearing each other down, we should unite, talk about our fears and battles – support each other because we all have personal issues that we are fighting. The hashtag is being used across all social medias to reach out to others who may be contending with things similar to ourselves, this should bring us together rather than tear us apart.

My own personal battle has always come from feeling unpretty (Oh TLC, you got me by the heart strings with that song), I grew up with a face full of freckles and I hated them. I remember always asking my Mum when they would go away and she said with age they would fade, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I would avoid going to the pool because the chlorine made them stand out even more. I hated sleeping over someone’s place and would try to wake up earlier to reapply makeup. I was laughed and teased because of it, leaving me feel ugly and a freak.

As an adult, I went to work once when I was 21 without makeup on, and was constantly asked what the hell was wrong with me because I looked so sick.

I have been wearing make up since the age of 14, I found it my way to cover up the “Battle Scars” (Or sun kisses as my Mum would so nicely put it) and hide behind it, but no matter what my family said, I still looked in the mirror (and I still do) without makeup on and think I look horrible.

Today, I took off my camouflage (albeit the mascara), stripped the foundation off my face, I realised I had uneven skin tone, large pores, slight wrinkles forming, redness, bags under my eyes and acne scars that I can’t do anything about. Makeup did this to me because I feared what people thought of my face. Guess what? My freckles faded, they faded so much that I look at these pictures and I can’t even see them anymore – but the bucket loads of makeup that I slapped onto my face for all of those years left me with even more problems.

If I had my time again, I would have tried to find confidence in myself to go bare faced more often, taken the criticism and maybe told people to keep their opinions to themselves. Unfortunately, I am so far gone I don’t know how to dig myself out of this ridiculous low confidence hole where my face is constantly covered up with makeup, glasses, and my hair just to take peoples attention away from how bad my face looks (In my opinion). I am doing this today because I want young girls, even boys to see the damage that can be formed at such a young age – be confident, be yourself and don’t let your feelings be crushed by people that don’t matter around you.

You can also be part of the motion, share a #BeautifulWarriors image on social media and confess to your battles, give others strength and support and remember that covering up only does so much, inside is where you need to find yourself! Check out the start of the campaign HERE by Nadine from Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls.

6 thoughts on “#BeautifulWarriors

  1. Megzilla ?

    Thank you for sharing your story del. As a fellow freckler, I know how cruel peoe can be. A favourite comment at school was always, God had stood me behind a fly screen door and threw shit at me. Out of the mouths of kids hey! I think it’s important to teach kids that words can cut as deep as a knife and cause damage that isn’t necessarily seen. It’s hard to undo it but it’s sharing these stories that help to show others they aren’t alone. Like your beautiful article states, we are all fighting our own battles but together we can help build each other up. ❤️ You sun kisses and all! Our perceived imperfections are often what makes us perfect and special to the ones that loves us the most xx

    1. Where the styled things are

      Zilla, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your freckles and If I was to have freckles properly I would choose more prominent ones like yours because “faded and joined together freckles” are what now has me feeling self conscious. As for that comment, woah, that is awful and something I have NEVER heard before, how did a kid come up with that?
      I hope that it helps in a small way…I still made my images black and white, stupid insecurities!!
      Love you xx

  2. Hannah

    Oh Adelle, you are gorgeous lady! I’ve always wanted more freckles and even had a little phase in life when I’d draw them on, it’s funny how we all long for such different things. On a bit of a side note, I love these images, so powerful but also so raw!


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