Be your own cheerleader!

In light of Valentines Day yesterday I thought this was a great time to talk about the NUMBER ONE in your life…


Society, life, work, friends even family may have said or done something to you negatively that will impact you immensely. Some may have done it with intent, others may not even realise! I have been in situations where I have been bullied or spoken about in a derogatory way – I am sure ALL of you have! The crazy thing is…I learnt from every shitty word that was said to me, and every disgusted look that was thrown at me, and every whisper behind my back. Unfortunately, words hurt, especially when they target things about you that you don’t like about yourself.

NOTE: Picking on someones flaws and using it as a negative against them is a reflection on that person…NOT you.

Being able to love ourselves requires a lot of practice. Overcoming years of negative reinforcement from society (even friends or family for some) is tough to do. However, once you can successfully say you can love yourself, nobody can take it away from you. Become NUMBER ONE in your life!

Recovering from words and hurt is a difficult task at hand…we need to learn to love ourselves more! Without eye rolling…maybe read on and see if this can help.

Need some help?

  • Write down ONE great thing about yourself in that day, every day, and put it into a jar. When you are feeling down, open it up and read a few.
  • Take yourself out on regular dates. “Me” time is so important so remember to date yourself before you date anybody else!
  • Think back to some achievements you have made in the last few years, have a note pad beside your bed and jot them down.
  • Speak more POSITIVELY about yourself, don’t add a negative to a positive!
  • Take compliments! (A hard one even I struggle with)
  • Look at a photo of yourself and write down the things you love about you physically. Then do the same about your personality.

I know it’s hard to do these things, in fact some of them even feel cringe BUT I guarantee little by little, you will add little moments to your life and eventually it will become second nature.

BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER…you are number 1!


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