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innerego-3Pictured: Cacao Pops, Almond Milk, Macadamia cashew and vanilla nut butter

Anybody that knows me, knows how much breakfast means to me! I am a creature of habit too and getting me out of my rye toast, promite and avocado with a cup of tea ritual is pretty damn hard, however I decided to break up my delicious idea of a breakfast (at home) and try some Inner Ego delicacies instead.

I am an avid lover of breakfast, I still feel it’s the most important meal of your day to fuel your energy throughout your morning, so if I can convert you to the “Swap don’t stop” method by going through the Inner Ego website and choosing some better options for your breakfasts, then I have done my job well. It’s really not hard to choose a better option for yourself, and this took a lot less time than it does to wait around for toast to cook. Or eggs to poach. Or an omelette to bake!

Inner Ego is a local Perth company who produce not only juices but some products that are perfect for your breakfast or healthy snacks throughout the day, I have definitely been craving the almond milk they produce and it’s made fresh so you can taste the difference between this milk and store bought almond milk which is full of preservatives! Along with my love of all things that Inner Ego sell, is my handy little creative snack…

Apple Faux-nuts

Core an apple and spread Inner Ego’s vanilla, macadamia, cashew and almond nut butter over each slice, then top with either coconut, cacao nips or cacao pops.

It’s a reaaaaaally delicious treat, I mean, I am not kidding, it’s SO delicious. (If you’re not a fan of apples, slice a banana instead and use this as your base) Make sure you check out Inner Ego and trial their yummy breakfast (or anytime) treats!

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