7 SHOCKING reasons your abs won’t show!

OK, so you have been doing everything right, you got your 500 sit ups down every week, you’re eating well, you’re drinking water! So WHY are your abs not popping?

Admittedly, I really don’t care if i have abs or not, my body is functioning, I am treating it well, abs do not necessarily mean much to me BUT…if you are adamant you want them there could be a few factors into why they haven’t appeared yet.

Abs are made in the kitchen!

It’s an age-old saying but it’s true, you won’t see as much definition until you’re around 16-19% body fat (on females). Granted, I am not one for strict diets, but a body scan CAN help in this area.

Hormones are going crazy?

If your hormones are acting up (which could be excess soy consumption or even being on the pill) then maybe a hormone test could help? Speak to your doctor or naturopath to see what they recommend!

Are you eating enough?

I have said this to you all for years…UNDER EATING SLOWS DOWN YOUR METABOLISM!!! So, eat well, and eat enough! If you want your metabolism to be faster, EAT! Not eating enough actually does more damage to your body.

Stressed out?

Stress puts a strain on so many things in your body, so if you are stressed more than usual, it could factor into it.

Lack of sleep.

I really can’t talk, and this is probably one of the MAIN reasons I do not have abs (haha) i get 5hrs sleep a night mostly…I pack so much into my life that i forget to sleep. SO…try for 7.5hrs a night, healthy mind, healthy body…don’t be like me!

Food intolerance’s.

Probably another big factor for me, are you intolerant and you didn’t know? Try cutting things out here and there, if you are getting some bloating symptoms as well this may be why!

Change up your sweat sessions!

Try out some different cardio sessions like sprints and HIIT combined with your weight training. Crunches and Sit ups are not always your number 1 exercise to creating abs. They HELP…but you also need to work on your core (try barre/pilates) and your fast cardio (like above).

So…not that abs are an important factor BUT the above suggestions actually will help you in more ways than one, it’s not always about definition, but maybe you can pick up on some things to improve your lifestyle or routine in the long run as well!

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