A letter to my readers

Dear Readers, followers, friends, family and fans,


unclejack3I am writing this out like a letter to you, mostly because for 5/6 years now you have all felt like friends to me. I spent a GOOD majority of my time with the blog and I guess when I do something I am either all in or nothing at all. It’s apparent that I was all in with Where The Styled Things Are, and this may have damaged a few things in my life – why? I forgot what I was doing, and all I wanted to do was take photo’s, write stories, go to events and obsess over breakfast flat lays. Jokes aside…it was kind of “not” a joke anymore.

But, I am a passionate person and sometimes the passion that lies beneath this short statured, long legged, faux blonde girl comes across as obsession. Admittedly, I am going to say I was slightly obsessed. In saying that, I am not giving up on WTSTA, more balancing out my life and with that comes more of a thought process for each blog post. Of course…I do still like to shoot outfit posts (more of the active/sportsluxe variety) but I am going to focus more on things that are “less work” for me physically now. (EG: I was doing 4 photo shoots a week!!)

So I wanted to run past a few thoughts for posts in 2016 and I hope you are OK with that…

  1. More personal posts (like this!? We are all human!)
  2. Top 10’s of a lot of things like vegan/vego cafes, yoga studio’s, the best acai bowl in Perth (and sometimes beyond) — basically anything goes!
  3. A lot of posts about staying healthy in a less “calorie/macro intake” way
  4. What’s trending in fitness/health right now
  5. What workouts WORK
  6. My favourite active wear
  7. Trending fitness and health products/aps
  8. What activewear is best for what kind of sport/fitness activity
  9. Fitness and health events
  10. Lots and lots of recipes
  11. Health and fitness tips from experts
  12. Training video’s
  13. More Vlogs
  14. Q&A’s

I am sure I will come up with more over the next year, however I thought now was a good time to commit to some ideas! While I am here, I am going to do a bit of a kick of giveaway including this cute Uncle Jack watch (sponsored) — because NOW is the time to get your life into gear…learn by my mistake on “Passion and Obsession” and figuring out which way you want to go.

So…what do you think???

6 thoughts on “A letter to my readers

  1. Allison Owen

    Sounds like you’ll be much happier with this choice!! I look forward to reading about it! Happy new year!! 💗


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