A laid back approach to “healthy living”

If you checked out my post yesterday you would have noticed a bit of a “get healthy without trying” approach, because simply put, it really is easy to get healthy if you WANT to.




Pictured: 3 of the Fit Club Perth girls wearing N3 Collective

That being said, sometimes it’s also really easy to forget the basics, and sometimes we are so hell bent on quick fixes and diets that we become a little blind sighted by the true meaning of “health”.

So I wanted to give you a few of my own tips that I basically put into action a couple of years ago…

Fitness with Friends 
Of course I am going to promote Fit Club Perth, we are all about working out with friends and making fitness fun, so we have our first official ticketed event read to go, purchase your ticket HERE and you will receive a full yoga session, a bit of a run down and intro into Yoga, some of the best Perth Fitness & Health stalls as well as free samples!!! Plus…you can come and meet a stack of people! (read more here)

Be open minded
Try new things, you may like it? I know “Super foods” and “Organic” are very much hipster, and some people don’t want to go down that road because it’s trending right now. But, some of these things can work for a cleaner approach to a few meals. Give a couple of them ago and see if you like them? For me…chia pudding is delicious and nutritious AND easy to make. See here.

Decide on health over weight loss
As mentioned yesterday, health should be your priority, weight loss follows naturally! IT IS KEY!

Don’t cut it all out
Indulge occasionally, and do not cut everything out! For me, I still eat bread but I keep it on the Rye or Sourdough side, as for milk I drink ALL milks…cow’s, almond, soy, rice…I change it up all the time depending on how I feel. The moment you “Cut something out” your body goes a little crazy when you try to introduce it back in. Sometimes – you can build an intolerance towards it too.

Swap don’t stop
Man, I push this one like 99 times a day! Just swap a few things sometimes. Instead of a mars bar, try dark chocolate. Instead of margarine, try avocado. Instead of flavoured yoghurt, use greek yoghurt and add some honey.

Balance it out like scales
And I mean that not literally, ditch the scales (more below), I mean balance the good with a little bad every now and then. I know I said swap don’t stop but you are also human, you CAN  be bad occasionally. Go to the movies and have popcorn, then do a workout the next day. Obviously…there is a lot of good and bad in life, but if you still enjoy the bad things, then make time for that too – we ALL deserve it!

Throw out the “literal scales”
They are sometimes more of a burden, because you rely so much on the kg’s you forget what you are aiming for, work on dress sizes to start with, I had a pair of shorts that were too tight for me, the minute I could fit back into them I basically woohoo’d around the house! Then months later, they fell off me!

Make your goals less about the weight
My mini goals are completely different, I focus on other things rather than weight loss. For instance right now I am focussed on touching my toes which means a fair bit of stretching every day, and more flexible exercises. I try not to have goal weights because you focus too much on what you eat, how much you exercise and hey – admittedly it becomes an obsession! make your goals more internal, realistic, and fun!

I know there is a HUGE big trend on Activewear right now, and in fact, I get bagged out a lot for it. But also at the same time, wearing activewear and joggers is only going to help you. If you have a pretty basic weekend, just throw your gym gear on (to get coffee, yeah yeah I can hear the stupid song already). Don’t feel like an idiot for wearing them though because it HELPS. I find wearing activewear makes me want to exercise, take the stairs, do a quick skate workout! Check out my latest skate workout HERE.

I would love to hear if you are putting any of these in to action, I engage with readers on instagram @wherethestyledthingsare and Facebook – pop over and say hello!!

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