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It’s so obvious that the 90’s have been hovering back into our lives for quite some time now, and here I am doing the Carlton happy dance because it’s one trend that I never really let go of. With a few tweaks, the reinvention of modern 90’s is upon us and BONDS seems to be taking hold of this fact.

My love for the 90’s is not a secret, Beverly Hills 90210 is where I got my hairstyling tips from, Melrose Place fashion tips (and of course job tips ala Daphne the street photographer who road a Harley! Basically I thought i could make a living doing the same pft!), the music was better (does that make me old?) I listened to TLC tell me to get rid of the scrubs in my love life and speaking of love…I had a huge crush on Drazic from Heartbreak High. My ENTIRE bedroom was full of inflatable and fluffy furniture and I spent hours dancing in my room in my high waisted jeans, eating white chocolate mud cake from The Cheesecake Shop which REVOLUTIONISED my diet, and getting frustrated with Crash Bandicoot because i just couldn’t get past that frikken level with the big boss!

BONDS seem to have tapped into this of late with their July drop which I had a little sneak peek into. Scoop back tops, body suits, bright colours and your old school coloured typography logo! This classic – cool take on clothing really peaks my interest, it’s not a game changer…it’s just a nostalgic feeling of Mum Jeans, sneakers, big belts and scoop neck bodysuits! It’s simple!

Nostalgia has a funny way of making us WANT exactly that….the memories! We seem to really want in on these fashion statements because they bring back the good times. Regardless of whether you think this look is good or bad…you will one day wake up…and decide you want in on some of these pieces!

As i excitedly await the full release of the BONDS collection, I take pride in my trip down memory lane, because life was simpler in the 90’s…the fashion may be a little more polished NOW, but damn girl…if i could turn back time, i’d spend one more days doing all of the above…at LEAST i’d be in the same clothes so i’d fit RIGHT in!

You can shop BONDS from early July but until then, you can buy 2 items and get the 3rd FREE online right now! 

4 thoughts on “90’s BONDS girl

  1. Jenelle

    Haha I don’t think I liked any of those things in the 90’s!! That is so crazy. No Doubt on the other hand, yes mam!
    This top is so perfect on you!! I saw your unboxing and this one stood out right away.
    xx Jenelle

  2. Anjelica

    This is why i love style & clothing. Can transport you to memories & different times. Love the outfit & story!


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