70’s patterns are BACK!

Hold onto your pineapple and cheese sticks, the 70’s is back and I found the perfect duster to celebrate it!

…OK so did the 70’s ever really leave our lives? I still love cob loaf, I still listen to 70’s tunes, I still dress like I ALWAYS was in the 70’s (even though i was born circa 1982)…but when you do find a piece that actually encapsulates all of what was great in the 70’s into one duster jacket…then you may have my heart.

The Gypsy + The Officer and I have struck a deal together…I parade around in their clothes, and they keep sending me the delicious gypsy styled treats for me to wear (in my own way) and show to you guys! That’s how blogging works at the end of the day, I have been doing this 8 years now and I am going to be honest…it’s kind of awesome! Read below for my tips on winter wear…

WINTER SUX…let’s celebrate…
Adding in a pop of colour AND a statement piece at the same time is exactly what we should try and do while it’s dreary and rainy outside. In fact it’s one way I keep myself happy, by having a little summin’ summin’ to wear out when I feel miserable about the crappy weather! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being stopped in the street to be told “you look great” (thanks random girl in the Galleria for making my day!!)

The Hopscotch Duster is available NOW on The Gypsy & The Officer, so if you want in, go forth my pretties, this one won’t last (in fact a little birdy told me they are being snapped up by all the cool cats, catch my drift?).


*This post is sponsored by The Gypsy & The Officer

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