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People often ask me about my gradual weight loss from last year, and hey you know what, I love that people have noticed. Because even though I felt like I wasn’t overweight at all, I was unhealthy and that is the main reason I changed. This was my sole reason to starting the #lazygirlsguidetofitness because personally, I was not prepared to shred my body and give up everything I loved, I wanted to do it my way. (Tip 1: Don’t do it to lose weight, do it to be healthy)

April last year was kind of a turning point, for the first few months I found it really hard to make the transition, I REALLY didn’t want to exercise because I was a total sloth and I was addicted to all the bad food that I had pumped into my body for years and years. My turning point was in fact a Pure Glow Cleanse juice cleanse, and even though it was a sponsored post – it was certainly a life change for me, I never thought about doing one before until they contacted me and I was ready for a challenge. (Tip 2: Always challenge yourself)

It’s not that I felt really good after or that I ended up with a flat stomach, because trust me, a 3 day cleanse can make you feel very sluggish, give you headaches and make you pee…A LOT!! It was more that I challenged myself to only drink these juices…even when preparing food for other people I didn’t even so much as lick food off my finger for that whole 3 days. I was a massive sceptic to it until the day after the cleanse. (Tip 3: Be open minded)

So, what was the turning point? I gave up food for 3 days – while this doesn’t sound all that healthy, for me it was what I needed, the head strong character that I am with absolutely no will power needed a massive kick up the derriere to stop myself from quickly going to McDonalds after an event at 11pm, and the PGC juice cleanse did just that. If I could give up ALL food for a whole 3 days then why couldn’t I just swap those disgusting, greasy, over processed foods with something better for me instead? (Tip 4: Just be more organised so you can prepare a healthier meal for busy days)

And thus brings me to February 2015 – the healthiest I have ever been in my life, and while I am not exactly “addicted” to this lifestyle (I’m still sloth-like), it is certainly challenging sometimes, but I feel like the results I receive on a daily basis is enough for me to keep going. While I am not doing a 3 day juice cleanse regularly, these 1 day juice cleanses from PGC a reminder in the back of my head when I am feeling like slipping completely because remember, it takes 21 days to break a habit, but it takes 21 days to start a new one too! Don’t get me wrong, I still eat bad food occasionally (Cue my instagram – nacho’s ice cream)…it’s just not EVERY single day like it was a year ago. (Tip 5: Swap don’t stop – it’s so simple I can’t even believe I haven’t done it til now!!)

Pure Glow Cleanse for me really was my saviour to getting healthy – it’s completely snowballed positively since that day and I can’t recommend getting your MIND (not your body in my instance) into shape with these guys… (Tip 6: Kick your mind not your butt)

If you feel like kicking the habit – why not check out Pure Glow Cleanse today and find out about their juice cleanses? Click HERE for more information. 

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