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I know society have deemed Health & Fitness “The latest fad” just like superfoods were…





Wearing First Base & Russell Athletic

Because of this, I have been ridiculed for wearing my activewear out, or eating well for myself or even just exercising. Well excuuuuse me for looking after my health and well-being for the last few years…but I like to think this latest “FAD” is a good thing and if others want to mock it then i’ll just eat my delicious fig salad and be on my way.

This particular change in lifestyle is one that is great, albeit people do take it to the extreme however working in a nice balance is always something that I strive for. It got me thinking about “trends” in the health and fitness industry…and just like fashion, we see it in social media and we want it. So rather than making a mockery out of this industry…let’s embrace it instead.

2016 Health Trends

Meal Prep Sunday
You know what, a lot of you have probably been doing this for years, but then all of a sudden we’re seeing cute little lunch box’s filled with healthy delights and we all want the same! It’s a great thing to get into…making Sunday afternoon about your kitchen and cooking up your lunch’s for the week ahead. It not only gives you a sense of satisfaction, it saves you time during the week AND stops you from just grabbing takeaway.

Lately you may be seeing the holistic approach, it’s something a lot of our Mum’s did back in the day with us, well I know my Mum did. Essential oils, natural remedies, feeding a cold with good food. Basically if it is a natural way to help your health – we are trying it.

Food in a bowl
Burrito bowl, acai bowl, veggie bowl, porridge, smoothie bowl…anything that you can throw in a bowl quickly and easily is a tick in my books. It’s convenience food that you may have to work a little for (See meal prep Sunday!!).

Sportsluxe has been around for years but athleisure is taking over…basically we’re saying that now we are OK with wearing leggings and sneakers with a denim jacket rather than feeling the need to add heels to a sporty outfit. That’s right, we are about comfort and also being ready to work out at the drop of the hat. Don’t hate – appreciate!

Quick, intense workouts!
We’re a busy bunch…so quick intense workouts are what a lot of us are doing now. 30 second interval training, sprints, anything that adds short bursts of fitness to bring your heart rate up and then back down again in your short rest periods. Take the beep test for instance!

Matcha & Tumeric everythang!
Need I say more? Use the hashtags and explore on instagram!

Oils as cleansers
Nothing quite works as well as an oil cleanser, my sister is currently making the best apple cider vinegar and oil cleanser and it works wonders. No need for a separate eye makeup remover and cleanser – this is an all in one! Oh and by the way – oil breakouts are a myth. Basically you can use an oil cleanser even if you have oily skin!

Use your brain not your butt!
Staying healthy is not about how much exercise you FORCE yourself to do…it’s basically about changing your mindset. Yes people say this all the time and you are constantly asking HOW…I have no real answer for you, for me it just clicked one day. If you can change the way you think about how you are living your life then it all becomes easier. Stop forcing your body to move, stop thinking about the numbers…just do it for you, not to lose weight!

So…what trends are you using in 2016? Do you have any others???

3 thoughts on “Trending: Being Healthy // 2016 Health Trends

  1. Belinda

    I love anything fitness and health related, because more people should be enjoying them! The fitness and health industry is so huge for a good reason.

  2. Sarah Porter

    Great post, I’m embracing some of them at the moment – in fact I’m trying to do the 70’s Mumma holistic thing currently, whilst nursing my cold!

    I love your photos too xx


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