12 days of swimwear


Summer, are you serious? You come late to the party and expect us to just welcome you with open arms? Really though, you have taken your sweet time with arriving and maybe you would like to think of that as fashionably late. But I think it’s just plain rude! I do forgive you though because you’re my favourite…

You have however given me an extra month to get my shiz together for this 12 days of swimwear, It was meant to go ahead from December 1st – 12th (get it – 12 days of christmas?) anyway, your lack of sunshine and effort to even look at a pair of bikini’s has saved me. You’re lucky, this time! Don’t do it again!!

12 days of swimwear is kicking off January 1st, I’ll be exploring pieces from a range of different small businesses and larger companies which you may have heard of, hell I even got a tan and used coconut oil to look super shiny, so this is a big deal! I’ll also be rating on comfortable, practicability (that means nip slippage – as we all know, I have a problem with this) and durability.

I have thoroughly gone through all the images too (remember the nip slip comment) because, simply put, I had a few on lookers (because who prances around in an old tin shed wearing a bikini and sneakers?) and those sneaky little boobs did come out every now and then. Cropping was a necessity!   Hope you can join me in the month of January to check out the range of pieces I’ve styled, check back every second day! In the mean time…get in there like swimwear (to the beach, pool, puddle, whatever, get in the sun – responsibly!)

NB: All swimwear has been sponsored but all opinions are my own

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