100% health, 100% of the time, for your dog!

I am known for having a zoo in my house, but after recent circumstances I am down to just 1 cat, Sooty! The most present tragedy included my Miniature Dachshund Frankie, who I had to make a hard decision to let go after a painful Prostate growth which turned out to be cancer, it also travelled to his bladder and liver meaning it was uncomfortable and difficult for him to live a happy life.

Having so many terrible experiences with my pets in the last year really made me appreciate what love and joy they really bring to me. But they had a great life and I always put their health first over my own.

Cue LAWLEE! Lawlee was a rescue puppy who has been in the apartment just a few days. He fell into our laps under circumstances that were unfortunately out of his previous owners hands, so now resides as a permanent puppy to bring love and happiness (He also seems to be VERY similar to old cranky Frankie!)

After many years as a dog owner, I understand just how important it is to get regular vet checks and using preventative measures to detect things that even we may not realise. Right now, it’s paralysis tick season. Tick paralysis is totally preventable if you protect your dog against it; it’s quite dangerous in dogs and CAN cause death. Frankie was always up-to-date with his preventative treatment for paralysis ticks (I used Bravecto) and because I would take him for a walk every day, I didn’t want him to pick up any paralysis ticks along the way (sometimes they are hard to see on a dog!). Now Lawlee will be given 100% protected because he needs all the socialising he can get right now being just 4.5 months old. Best thing is, it’s a flea preventative too!

Bravecto is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months paralysis tick and flea protection for dogs in just one dose. Great for those fussy eaters (which Frankie seemed to be in his old age) because they think it’s a treat (haha suckers!)

Losing my beloved pooch was one of the hardest things that I have had to experience, however I am content in knowing that their health ALWAYS came first, and even though two of them passed away from diseases that I could not prevent, at least I did my part in protecting them from fleas and paralysis ticks which is 100% preventable!

Stay tuned for more Lawlee spam, he seems to have stolen a few hearts already!

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