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Photos by Tony Lendrum Photography | Wearing Blushed by Teagan Jacobs | Hair by 501 Hair Lounge

Leather seems to give any outfit a rock edge, seeing as this Blushed dress is so stunning by itself, it almost feels like sacrilege to throw a leather jacket and some combat boots on, but when you can wear a dress more than one way, then it’s worth purchasing and keeping in your wardrobe for a plethora of occasions. I thought this was a great time to give you some insight into my edgy side, I always find that when a blogger really opens up in their writing on a personal level, that it’s more often that I’ll read their post right to the end…so hopefully I can do myself some justice here with 10 things you didn’t know about me (with an emphasis on this edgy side of my personality, which to be honest is all just about looks, I am barely a bad-ass haha).

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  1. I got really into metal music for quite a few years, wearing only black and head banging to the sounds of Machine Head, Mudvayne and Disturbed!
  2. I get very mouthy in a lot of situations (mostly with men a lot larger than me) which results in the bearer of my potty mouth being so shocked that they leave me alone.
  3. My road rage used to be very unbearable. Even for myself. I’ve learnt to control my anger somewhat lately though!
  4. I smoked for 6 months when I was 16, for “cool” benefits only, it actually gave me really bad headaches.
  5. At my year 12 leavers party I drank half a bottle of straight vodka, fell over and hit my head on a tow ball, resulting in me being dragged home semi unconscious.
  6. I’ve worn dog collars as jewellery before. And was serious about it!
  7. The police picked me up for street drinking, underage drinking and driving without P Plates all in the space of 3 months when I was 17.
  8. I once told my boss to F off…he deserved it…I won’t even go into what happened there but it was not nice!
  9. I swear, at least 300 times a day!
  10. I learnt self defence and hold my keys ready to stab anyone who tries to grab me late at night at the train station (lol) stabby stabby!!

Reading this now, I realise I am not a bad-ass at all…hahaha how disappointing!!

What are 10 bad-ass things about yourself that you can admit to? I’d love to hear them!!

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