DIVORCE is shit!

Everybody has had their fair share of bad times in their lives, it’s not uncommon to go through intense negative feelings and depression and it not have an awful impact on your health. Continue Reading

Couple blogging – that’s us!

You have watched me on this journey for 8 years now….2010 I started Where the styled things are and it has blossomed into SO much more. Continue Reading

How to keep a KWEEN happy + safe…

It’s really no secret that I love animals, and more importantly, my own pets! Lawlee came along at such a hard time in my life which helped me to forget about my troubles, but Sooty was always around to give cuddles (ONLY when she wanted to though and ONLY for about 3.6 seconds until she digs her claws in out of disgust). Continue Reading

Bye Felicia!!

I shaved my legs this week because, that’s one of the things in my life that I can control, when I shave my legs, that’s purely up to me. Maybe it’s been 6 weeks since I did that last, maybe it was just a few days ago, whenever it was, I made that choice and I had control over that…let’s call it “situation” lol Continue Reading

The REAL me – edit 4

My blog has been there for me in the good and bad times, I was once very obsessed with it and made my life revolve around it, then I decided to completely DROP it and hide in my shell. Every time I felt something, I wrote about it, in fact I think if anything it helped me because whatever negative though trapped inside my head, I turned it into a positive and spoke about it. Continue Reading

70’s patterns are BACK!

Hold onto your pineapple and cheese sticks, the 70’s is back and I found the perfect duster to celebrate it! Continue Reading

Top 10 Winter activities at #WinterFest Perth

Did you know it snows in the City of Perth in winter? Honest! It might not be REAL snow but it still snows!! Continue Reading

90’s BONDS girl

It’s so obvious that the 90’s have been hovering back into our lives for quite some time now, and here I am doing the Carlton happy dance because it’s one trend that I never really let go of. With a few tweaks, the reinvention of modern 90’s is upon us and BONDS seems to be taking hold of this fact. Continue Reading

Take off your pants and jacket…

Faux fashionista’s…hands up! Continue Reading

Closet Makeover & Organization Tips for an Efficient Tiny Closet

Let’s Makeover your Closet!!

When you’re living in a small house with tiny closets, the organization will always be your best friend. Clearing out the clutter, choosing your clothes more carefully, and storing items in the right places will help you to maintain a more manageable space. It’ll also mean that you spend less time desperately trying to find your favourite shirt for a night out. Continue Reading


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