Eat It: Protein Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls, even husband approved, a great way to pack EVERYTHING into your breakfast without having to suck it up through a straw. And the added toppings really do make it worth your while…everybody wants a bit of crunch with their smoothie!

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Energy foods and snacks that can help you feel alive!

I am mainly writing this post for myself (but thought you guys may be interested too), you see, since becoming a pescetarian I have noticed that my energy levels are below average, they were never very good in the first place but right now…it’s quite dangerous falling asleep whenever, wherever…and not only being tired, I can sometimes hardly even get through a workout without wanting to go to sleep. Continue Reading


Where the KIND things are; A bucket list to #UpTheAnte

A couple of years ago I launched “Pretty Little Package” a small incentive to make people smile, sending a gift to a stranger just because. To me, a small gesture can have big gains, so many times people in suicidal situations have said that complete strangers saved them from doing something drastic. Just by saying hello, speaking to them or smiling. Continue Reading


Being Proud of you with Fuji Instax //GIVEAWAY//

Have you ever just been…proud of yourself? And happy to admit it? I know this a totally gushing post but I wanted to show you the importance of just letting go and being proud of YOU! I get so embarrassed by my achievements, I brush off any positive comments because “it’s just natural for me”, but really, I figured I need to be positive to myself, I need to be proud of my achievements and I need to acknowledge what I have done! And mostly…YOU do too… **Giveaway Below** Continue Reading

Music Interval Training

Ever heard of Music Interval Training before? Probably not…I made it up haha! I’ll give you the quick run down on it… Continue Reading


How to feel the fear and do it anyway with Adrenalin

Bonds are known for undies right? It would be all too coincidental that they sent me and Steve on an Adrenalin skydive on the beach, with a Bonds online voucher (to buy extra undies, which I did actually pack haha) this weekend…however…that is exactly what happened! *Sponsored by Bonds & Adrenalin Continue Reading


Fitness Trends for 2016

Fitness trends come and go, however for me I take every year with a different approach, try as much as you can to see what you love, because changing up your fitness regime is important, and fun. Your body can get used to certain moves so a constant change helps to continue building muscle and it also helps with your brain too – you want to constantly challenge it by learning! Continue Reading


5 reasons why sports drinks are not helping you!

As asked by you, I have been working with a few health and fitness professionals to bring a range of answers to a lot of questions around the world today. Suzana Talevski from 3121 Fitness, has taken over the blog today to discuss sports drinks and how they won’t help your performance in the gym… Continue Reading


Where can I find Cocowhip in Perth?

If you haven’t already been introduced to Cocowhip then I wonder where you have been in the last year… Continue Reading


So, what is the verdict on a natural teeth whitener?

I had a first world problem the last few months, all that coffee you see on Instagram took a toll on my teeth and stained the absolute bajeezus out of them!!

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