I quit the gym, and hit up Kfit! (You can too)

Gym memberships and me have never been the best of friends… Continue Reading


Finding your tribe

Finding a tribe can be unexpected and really really rewarding… Continue Reading


Healthy Raw Jaffa PROTEIN Slice

I have never really liked protein supplements, and truth be told I don’t use them for ANYTHING else except for after a workout to help my muscles repair and to get more protein in my body since becoming a vego, but having a shake was just getting so….blegh…. Continue Reading


Bonds: People wore undies in 1915?

I had an argument with Steve last week about Bonds being 100 years old, I basically said to him “As IF, 100 years? Were people even wearing knickers in 1915 – I thought they just let it all hang out?” Continue Reading


Body Shaming; “I make good choices most of the time”

It’s swimsuit season…I can hear the groans! Just stop right there. I know you may be thinking “What the hell do you know, you’re a small size, you have no worries” but after being stuck in the middle of a body shaming blog post on mamamia (my image was used in a negative light, I have asked them to take it down but my e-mails are now being ignored, thanks mamamia!) I had to highlight that regardless of your size – shaming someone because of their body is never OK. Size 6…16…even 26! Continue Reading


Treat Yo’self Monday – How to get FRIZZ FREE HAIR!

Frizzy hair is possibly the biggest thing I dislike about myself! Especially this time of the year when humidity strikes and all of a sudden my perfectly straight “posh spice” hair turns into a “scary spice” Afro in a matter of seconds when walking out of the door… Continue Reading


Setting goals (and actually ticking them off)

I have a confession to make, and it’s something that is probably not what you expect. I know you see a very happy girl, who is quite outgoing and very approachable. I am that girl still…but I also internalise a lot, don’t talk about how I am feeling and sometimes crawl into my shell and be quiet. That being said, I think a lot of the time it is to do with me feeling like I have no purpose in life. Continue Reading


Raw Vegan Cherry-Choc Cheesecake

Oh sweet cheesecake! Something that lactose intolerant and vegan’s cannot enjoy, thank god for raw vegan cheesecakes though (I am finally entering full on legit hippy stage right now while I chow down on VEGAN AND RAW CHEESECAKE GUYS!!! Continue Reading


A laid back approach to “healthy living”

If you checked out my post yesterday you would have noticed a bit of a “get healthy without trying” approach, because simply put, it really is easy to get healthy if you WANT to. Continue Reading


Get healthy without trying!

Diets are hard. No, really, they are HARD WORK! I know you are told you need to “work hard at it to see results” and yes that may be true but also, I feel like denying our bodies from certain things all the time is also really not that good for you. There are so many fad’s and ways that we all try to lose weight across the world these days, looking for a “quick fix” and trying everything on the market to make sure that you can see results immediately… Continue Reading


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